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COFA Appeal to Pastors

PSA for Pastors, Lay Leaders and Outdoor Enthusiasts in the Church

From COFA (Christian Outdoor Fellowship of America)

COFA is a para-church ministry that would like to come alongside your church to help as an outreach ministry to the 79 million unchurched outdoor enthusiasts who would not darken the doors of a church.

The fields are ripe for sharing the gospel with these outdoorsmen (and women); and, the tools are right at your fingertips! The mountains, meadows, lakes, streams, trees, and prairies. God’s handiwork and the beauty of his creation are just waiting for you to share with the people in your church and community.

Let COFA help you make this happen by getting the word out that you provide activities for the outdoor enthusiasts in your area. As an outreach ministry, you can invite the unchurched families in your community to a COFA event. You’ll see new ways in how to attract the unchurched, outdoor enthusiast to your COFA event and enjoy the great outdoors as God intended while sharing the Gospel.

At COFA, we know how to gather men, women, and children in the outdoors through various activities such hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, boating, ATVing, photography, 4-wheeling, and much more. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is shared at every outdoor activity.

We not only have outdoor activities, but we also offer training for the pastoral staff and lay leaders for outdoor ministry. Again, the goal of COFA is to reach out to the 79 million outdoor enthusiasts who would not darken the door of a church.

Contact the Christian Outdoor Fellowship of America for more information about COFA’s ministry at one of the following numbers:

303.880.9878 (Mike),

303.880.3800 (George)

303.921.2273 (Scott)